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About Joshua

Joshua’s life story is a remarkable journey of faith, resilience, and transformation. Born to a young mother facing the dilemma of abortion, Joshua’s early years were spent in the challenging environments of Nashville’s streets, soup kitchens, and low-income housing. His teenage years spiraled into drug dealing and dropping out of high school.


A pivotal car accident at 17 marked a turning point in Joshua’s life. In that moment, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening, hearing a message of love from God. This epiphany led to a complete turnaround; Joshua attained his GED and pursued degrees in pastoral ministries and Christian counseling.


Over the next 22 years, Joshua devoted himself to vocational ministry, sharing his experiences and guiding others with empathy and understanding. His life took another significant turn when he ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing Brown’s Pressure Washing. What started as a side hustle blossomed into a multi-million dollar business. More than a commercial enterprise, it became a ministry platform, allowing Joshua to mentor faith-driven entrepreneurs.


Married for 25 years and a father of six, Joshua’s journey from a troubled youth to a successful minister in the marketplace is an inspiring testament to the power of faith and determination. He not only leads a thriving business but also helps others to create ventures that serve their communities while fostering spiritual growth.


Joshua’s life demonstrates how adversity can be transformed into opportunity, guiding others through business and faith.

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